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Contest closes February 14th! Enter to win!

Would you like to win a pair of ProChaps chaps?  Of course you would!  We are hosting this great contest and ProChaps is the sponsor.  To enter, visit https://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=15082

Together, we are promotingthe comfortable, high performance ProChaps riding chaps by giving away one free pair to a lucky winner who will be announced once the contest is over on Valentine’s Day.

The winner will chose between 3 styes:


ATHLETIC full chaps.  One of a kind, great for high-intensity training and long-distance riding!


COMPETITION half chaps.  Hunters, jumpers, eventers and many others LOVE the increased performance they provide.


FIT half chaps.  Comfortable and great looking, for everyday training and riding.

ProChaps – the only one in the world to offer half chaps in 35 sizes and classic full chaps in 25 sizes!  Don’t miss out on this amazing contest.  To enter the I ❤ ProChaps contest, visit https://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=15082

Good luck and keep riding!



ProChaps, the most innovative riding chaps on the market today, and in conjunction with ProChaps, Tack and Talk invites you to participate in our current contest:

Entering the contest is simple:  Simply click here and follow the instructions! https://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=15082

Following years of research and listening to rider’s comments, ProChaps has pioneered combining extra light knits, compression materials, waterproof leather and dynamic engineering.  This hybrid combination helps accelerate blood flow, allowing the rider to perform in a very balanced and accurate way. This will aid in getting more oxygen to your working muscles  and will boost your performance.

ProChaps are different because their unique combination of features works better than any single component.  Contrary to other manufacturers, ProChaps not only focuses on a classic and innovative fashionable design but also intertwines exemplary athletic materials to achieve peak equestrian performance.

ProChaps remarkable benefits can be traced back to our concrete belief in continuously testing the product and making improvements. The results are constantly being applied to the product you wear today.

ProChaps benefits include:

  • Accelerating blood flow
  • Expanding leg power
  • Reducing moisture from the skin
  • Controlling temperature whether it’s hot or cold
  • Durable