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Let Lisa St. John Show You How to Heal Your Horse Through Gifts of Nature

Story by Larissa Cox

Lisa St. John has been around horses her whole life. Through her gifts of intuition, she realized horses need something more than the standard feed offered by grain companies.  She found the answer in nature.  For over 16 years, Lisa has helped horses achieve a greater well-being through personalized nutritional therapies consisting of organic food and herbs. This in turn limits vet, dentist, and farrier bills, which help save money!  So, read on to find out how Lisa St. John and her LavenderSage Equine Performance Blend©  can help you and your horse today!

lavsage - lisa and braveheart

What has been your background with horses and horsemanship?

I have been around horses my whole life. I rode my first horse when I was 4 years old.  I would spend summers down on my Aunts farm in Missouri. My Aunt would not allow me to ride. She thought I was too little.  So I would climb out my bedroom window around 4AM, go out to corral and place a lead rope around the neck of a beautiful chestnut Tennessee Walker, named Blaze.  I would lead him out of the corral climb up on the fence and crawl up on his back.  Blaze and I had the best time running through the fields. We would get back just as the sun was rising.  One morning my Grandfather was standing by the corral waiting for us to return.  Turned out he had been watching us every morning for a couple weeks.  He never told my aunt, just talked her into finally letting me ride.  I have been riding and working with horses ever since.

As the years went by I began helping people to better understand the importance of natural nutrition and how this can affect not only the physical health of a horse but improve learning abilities, performance levels, and over all mental and emotional stability. I have also helped people better understand their Equine companion and achieve a relationship with their horses on levels that form a trusting friendship.

How did this lead to developing herbal remedies for horses? When did you develop Equine Program LS Performance Blend?

Since I was a small child I have been able to see the illness in animals.

I grew up in a family who used herbal remedies for everything.  Herbal medicine is an ancient technique used by every culture since the beginning of time.  When I was a little girl, I watched what the horses would eat in the fields, and noticed at times they would search out different plants on different days.  They also always wanted to eat in grandmas garden and flowers.  So I would make up a bowl of flowers, veggies and fruit.  They loved it!

I developed a program consisting of certain vegetables, fruits and herbs. This program helps horses achieve and maintain optimum health.  I have been doing this professionally for a little over 16 years.

I have found, through hundreds of cases, that although the illness may be the same, the combination of herbal blends and whole food nutrition has been unique for each horse.

This nutrition therapy program is designed specifically for the individual horse.  This program will change, as it should, throughout the horses’ life. One cannot eat the same food every day of their life and stay healthy.

lavsage - Koda-eating-veggies

How can these management programs actually help owners save money as well as help keep their horses healthy?

Horses are herbivores.  Herbivore, according to Webster, is “an animal that is designed to eat plants and survive solely on tough plant matter.” Horses metabolic requirements include enzyme enriched plant life.  These enzymes are a life giving force for the body.

My program involves all natural foods and Organic Herbal Blend, which is designed for each individual horse.  No two horses are the same.  They need to be treated as an individual in order to achieve optimum health levels.

There are certain fresh fruits and veggies that contain specific DHEA hormones, enzymes, proteins, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and potassium. The one enzyme they all have in common are, digestive enzymes, so your horse does not have to work at digesting. The food is able to brake down on it’s own. I have never had a horse colic on this program, and I have had a number of chronic colic cases over the years.

The fresh whole produce will support your horses metabolic system and maintain a strong immune system.

The Organic Herbal Performance Blend changes throughout your horses’ life. This is essential in order to ensure optimum health.   This herbal blend is designed to kill hundreds of parasites and fungus, which is the cause of disease, chronic illnesses, and degenerative diseases.  Your horse will not need artificial wormers, supplements, medications or artificial feeds.

Everything your horse needs can be found in nature. This is a truly natural feeding program.  Nothing is processed or manufactured. Everything is taken right from nature’s garden to promote health, vitality, performance level and longevity.

Even my packaging is hemp/burlap bags and recycled paper.

Horses on this program continue to become stronger and healthier every year.

Money you will save:

  • You will horse will not need shoes on this program.

I have a client in CA. who’s horse is 25 years old and had severe Laminitis.  Her horses’ hooves were so hard after 4 months on this program that the trimmer broke his nippers.  This is a very common problem with my clients.  I find running them on river rock or rocky terrain chips them up nicely so you can file them smooth.

  • Horses do not need their teeth floated, they are healthy and white
  • Do not need expensive supplements
  • Do not need medications
  • Save on vet bills
  • You will have a healthy horse not a sick one

Horses also perform better:

I have a client in Italy who has a 17’2 Warm blood.  She work him out by jogging him up and down hills.  He used to finish the hill with a heart rate of 125.   Once on the program for 3 months, her horse was coming off that hill with a heart rate of 67.

My endurance mare is a 16 yr old Arabian.   After a small, 25 mile race you are given an hour to bring the heart rate down to 60.  She was down in just under 2 minutes.

This program is wonderful for the support of the heart and lungs!

  • No colic   In all the years of horses who are on this program not one horse has ever coliced.
  • Metabolic and bone structure strengthens – (less chance of injury)

LAVSAGE - seastar before and after

Besides nutrition what other holistic therapies do you do?

I am an intuitive. I am able to see the illness in animals.

I am also a Rahseaka master. This is nothing like Reiki.  I have been able to balance energy levels in animals since I was a child.  It was never taught to me.  It is simply a gift.  The best way to describe it is a noninvasive acupuncture treatment.

I am also the founder of Equine hot stone massage.

What qualities of lavender and sage do you enjoy, and what inspired you to title you business LavenderSage?

LavenderSage is ethical, organic and natural, environmentally friendly, and is all about the best for your horse.

I enjoy helping horses recover from conditions that were thought to be impossible.  Like Wobblers, EPM, Arthritis, Fused knees, Ring Bone, Cushings, and Chronic colic. But the best part is seeing them not only recover but return stronger and more vibrant than was thought possible.   Nothing is more rewarding than bringing happiness and health to a horse.

LavenderSage was named after two amazingly significant plants:

Lavender represents calm, peaceful and healing.

Sage is also healing and is believed, by the Native Americans’, which is also part of my heritage, to clear away negative energies and forces “illness”.

What advice do you have to horse owners for incorporating holistic remedies and therapies into their regular care regime for their horses?

It is my belief that nature knows best, as do the animals. I highly recommend using holistic methods.  Trust Nature…

If you would like to know more about Lisa St. John, or her Nutrition Therapy Program for horses, visit her webpage www.lavsage.com

Follow Lisa on twitter: @lavsage

Watch Lisa’s YouTube: LavenderSage Youtube