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  Bobbie Richardson wrote @

My horse is about 27-28 years old gelding, diagnosed with respiratory scarring from pollen allergies 2 years ago, vet just heard a heart murmer (sp?) and wrote up as COPD. Having trouble peeing. Have anything for me?

  libby keenan wrote @

Hi Bobbie, Regarding the scarring Fenugreek is excellent for any respiratory problems. Available inmost health food stores you would dose 5 times the human does daily by crushing the tablets into feed.
Regarding urine problem I would hesitate to suggest anything because the causes can be so varied. You could try a kidney flush , available at most tack stores but I am concerned your horse’s age might be a problem as the flush could be hard on an older system. I assume you have cleaned the sheath and there are no obstructions. Sometimes adding 4 oz.salt to diet daily will increase water intake and help with flushing the kidneys by increasing urine output.
I would not be overly concerned about the heart murmur , it is not uncommon in older horses and should not affect him if he is not being worked super hard. I really would suggest asking the vet to do some blood work and check kidney function though.


Don’t know if this is the pony that you are looking for. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/kiltinane+fiona
But, if you subscribe, you’ll be able to get more information on where she is and who owns her.

Good luck in your search.

Larissa Cox

Looking to find out anything about a Welsh Pony. Her name is Fiona she went to a family with three or four young ladies about 5 years ago? Fiona was stabled at The Red Fox Stables in Milford, Ohio. I am sure she ran the A circuit. Boy could she jump.
Any help finding what became of her would be wonderful. J C.

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