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ProChaps Contest WINNER!

Congratulations to Caitlin Steel of Ireland on winning the I ❤ ProChaps Contest!  She is the lucky winner of a pair of ProChaps.  Caitlin has selected a pair of Competition ProChaps.

ProChaps Winner

Caitlin with her girl, Eve! Congratulations Caitlin!

Contest closes February 14th! Enter to win!

Would you like to win a pair of ProChaps chaps?  Of course you would!  We are hosting this great contest and ProChaps is the sponsor.  To enter, visit https://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=15082

Together, we are promotingthe comfortable, high performance ProChaps riding chaps by giving away one free pair to a lucky winner who will be announced once the contest is over on Valentine’s Day.

The winner will chose between 3 styes:


ATHLETIC full chaps.  One of a kind, great for high-intensity training and long-distance riding!


COMPETITION half chaps.  Hunters, jumpers, eventers and many others LOVE the increased performance they provide.


FIT half chaps.  Comfortable and great looking, for everyday training and riding.

ProChaps – the only one in the world to offer half chaps in 35 sizes and classic full chaps in 25 sizes!  Don’t miss out on this amazing contest.  To enter the I ❤ ProChaps contest, visit https://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=15082

Good luck and keep riding!



ProChaps, the most innovative riding chaps on the market today, and in conjunction with ProChaps, Tack and Talk invites you to participate in our current contest:

Entering the contest is simple:  Simply click here and follow the instructions! https://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=15082

Following years of research and listening to rider’s comments, ProChaps has pioneered combining extra light knits, compression materials, waterproof leather and dynamic engineering.  This hybrid combination helps accelerate blood flow, allowing the rider to perform in a very balanced and accurate way. This will aid in getting more oxygen to your working muscles  and will boost your performance.

ProChaps are different because their unique combination of features works better than any single component.  Contrary to other manufacturers, ProChaps not only focuses on a classic and innovative fashionable design but also intertwines exemplary athletic materials to achieve peak equestrian performance.

ProChaps remarkable benefits can be traced back to our concrete belief in continuously testing the product and making improvements. The results are constantly being applied to the product you wear today.

ProChaps benefits include:

  • Accelerating blood flow
  • Expanding leg power
  • Reducing moisture from the skin
  • Controlling temperature whether it’s hot or cold
  • Durable

CONTEST: Bran Mash Madness


We are almost at the end of our contest and we are awaiting your comments! Send in those mash recipes.  And, if you don’t use a mash, no problem…just write a comment, don’t be shy!

Mash Myths: So you think a mash is only for winter consumption.  Well, actually you are wrong.  Deco’s Monster Mash can be given all year round.  During the summer weather add cold water instead of hot and let stand for a little longer.  This mash is really good for hydration which is very important during the hot summer days.  Also, giving a mash during a show is a great way in aiding hydration and horses will always eat their mash when not eating their typical food.

Larissa reviewed this product earlier this year:

Not only is this mash yummy, all-natural and nutritious, it also aids in hydration which is so critical to maintain in our competitive companions!

To read the full article, go to Deco’s Monster Mash Product Review!

We’ve made this contest very easy for you.  Send in your comments using the “comment” link below!  We will be selecting our winner at random, so everyone has a chance to win!

Larissa and Libby

CONTEST: Bran Mash Madness!

Sponsored by:  Pippa Equine Company makers of Deco’s Monster Mash

Deco's Monster Mash - Applepaloosa

Do you feed bran mashes to your horses? If so, this contest is for you!  Sponsored by Pippa Equine Co., makers of Deco’s Monster Mash, we want to know how you feed mash to your horses!  Send us your favorite bran mash recipe in the comment section below and you will be entered to win one of Deco’s Monster Mash flavors.

Larissa reviewed this product earlier this year:

Not only is this mash yummy, all-natural and nutritious, it also aids in hydration which is so critical to maintain in our competitive companions!

To read the full article, go to Deco’s Monster Mash Product Review!

Contest closes on July 31st, and the winner will be selected at random, so send in your favorite recipe now!

Look forward to receiving all your comments!! – Larissa and Libby 🙂

The Twelve HORSEY Days of Christmas!!

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me….”

Get your Sherlock Holmes hat ready for:

A Christmas contest sponsored by Edition Boiselle and Kemp Equine.

How it works:

Each day from December 4th, 2009 to December 15th, 2009, TacknTalk Blog will publish one line from our song The Twelve Horsey Days of Christmas“.

It is your job, as horsey scavenger hunt contestants to find those items that have been sung about that day, and take a picture of yourself next to them!

Ex: If our song lyric was “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree”, then you would find a partridge in a pear tree, and take a picture of yourself standing next to it! Or, if the lyric was “Twelve drummers drumming”…find yourself a dozen drummers, stand next to them, and snap that picture!

Email photos that correlate to the lines of the song, to tackntalk@ymail.com. Contestants that have successfully captured twelve photos that correlate to the 12 Horsey Days of Christmas will be entered into a draw to win an Edition Boiselle 2010 Calendar! If you do not have all twelve pictures, send in as many pictures that correlate to the lyrics as possible! Although full sets will be given preference, incomple entries will be considered for the calendar draw!

Please submit all photos by December 24th. Winners will be announced December 26th. NOTE!! CONTEST NOW EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 31st!!

For extra fun, any unique, creative or funny pictures will be published on the blog and on TacknTalk’s Facebook Fan Page throughout the contest!

For song, please click here.

Have fun and good luck! 😀

TacknTalk Presents: November Literary Contest! *sponsored by Jillaroo Australia*

November Literary Contest

Proudly sponsored by:


Get your pens ready folks for TacknTalk Blog’s November literary contest!! If you think your horsey haiku has what it takes, send it over, because you might WIN a fabulous prize from our stylish sponsor, Jillaroo Australia!! Poetry not your thing? TacknTalk Blog will also be accepting short stories and essays for three different age groups ~ as long as it is an original work and fits the theme of telling us WHY YOU LOVE YOUR HORSE! 🙂

In addition, there will be a reader’s choice GRAND PRIZE AWARD based on the votes of TacknTalk readers from the published winners of each of the three age categories! This winner will receive an extraordinary prize from Jillaroo Australia!!

Entries will be accepted all of November! Get those creative juices flowing, and email us your work of literature at tackntalk@ymail.com ~ we can’t wait to hear from you! 😀

Contest details below:





Why I love my horse!


Original poetry, short stories, or essays under 3000 words.


Email tackntalk@ymail.com with your original literary work attached (all attachment types accepted.) Please state your name and which category you would like to submit your literature into.


1) 11 years old and under

2) 12-17 years old

3) 18 years old and over


1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in all categories will be published on TacknTalk Blog and Facebook Page! Additionally, 1st place winners in each category (stated above) will receive a fabulous prize from Jillaroo Australia!


Judges for category winners will be Larissa Cox and Libby Keenan of Tackn’Talk Blog as well as a representative from Jillaroo Austrailia and/or Canamera Distributing USA.  Judging will commence December 1st and winners will be announced on TacknTalk Blog and TacknTalk Facebook Page December 10th.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each category (nine works in total) will be published on TacknTalk Blog and TacknTalk Facebook Page.  Readers will vote on their favorite piece out of these nine published works.  The literary work out of the nine published with the most votes will win the GRAND PRIZE.  Votes will be received as comments saying “Vote!” under the story.  Must clearly say “Vote!” to be counted.  Praise or critique of work in comment WILL NOT be counted as a vote.  Winner of reader’s choice grand prize will recieve  fabulous merchandise from Jillaroo Australia!

Have fun!!!

~Larissa and Libby

Email: tackntalk@ymail.com

To find out more about Jillaroo Austrailia, check out their website, or their American distributor, Canamera Distributing USA