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Larissa Cox:

My name is Larissa Cox and I am a riding instructor of Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, and Recreational Riding disciplines, from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

My philosophy is to be aware of the mental, physical, and emotional needs of both the rider and the horse. I believe this starts with safety, and helping a rider develop short and long term goals based on their training needs and competition desires. I incorporate Centered Riding groundwork and bodywork in lessons to help develop a greater self awareness and to better facilitate the harmony between horse and rider.

I hold NCCP Level 3 certification, ARIA Level 2 certification in both Dressage and Recreational Riding, CHA Level 1 certification in both Western and English disciplines, and qualification from Centered Riding as a Level 1 instructor.  I have recently completed my Master of Science Degree in Applied Equine Science degree at Royal Agricultural College, England.

I am available for private lessons and riding/theory workshops. Please fill in your information on the Contact Form below, if you are interested in hosting a workshop.

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  joelmartens wrote @

Keep up the good work ladies!

  alexo wrote @

nice post

  emma wrote @

Great Blog Thanks 🙂

  Wanda wrote @

Larissa and Libby-

I admire both of you.


  Wanda wrote @

Larissa and Libby-

I admire your big emphasis on training.


  Karen wrote @

Very nice blog! I like the informative articles and training tips! Karen

  gwenyth wrote @

hey larissa do u have a stable? i so how much are lessons?

  tackandtalk wrote @

Hi Gwenyth,

I don’t currently have my own stable, but I do freelance instruction throughout the Lower Mainland, British Columbia and in the U.K. while I’m there. I also do video coaching if that’s of interest to you.

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