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HorseTap, A New Horse Health App for Phones and Tablets and NOW APPLE!

Tack and Talk is proud to present to their readers, Horse Tap the Animal Health App for your Android phone and tablet and NOW APPLE! 

HorseTap was built with animal owners in mind. Horse’s can’t tell you what’s wrong and there is nothing worse than seeing your partner in pain and not knowing what to do. Now, you can learn what’s wrong with just the tap of your finger.

Horse Tap

Horse Tap: Horse Health on ‘Hoof’: The app that lets you decide when to call a Veterinarian.

Do a google search on ‘when to call a vet’ and there are a huge number of blogs and posts on the subject. Everyone seems to be asking the same fundamental question, but when your horse is sick do you really have time to trawl through the internet looking for answers or wait for someone to reply to your desperate tweet?

Horse Tap uses a non-web based method, asking a series of quick questions to triage whether you need to call your vet immediately or if you can manage the situation at home. This approach allows you to take your phone or tablet to your horse and make that vital decision ‘on hoof’. Within seconds you will have the essential knowledge of how to manage the situation taking away all the stress of wondering how to proceed.


Horse Tap’s horse care section guides you through daily checks of your horse’s legs, hooves and teeth and contains information on grooming, feed allowance, shoeing and vaccinations. Horse Tap turns your daily checks into a game, you are entertained as you work through them with Chester the horse under the characteristic blue sky, green grass, white clouds setting and, if after these checks you do not notice any worrying signs, you are rewarded with Chester rosettes. If there’s a problem you are directed to the veterinary section of Horse Tap where you can learn how to take vital signs and recognise what tools are a must in your horse ‘veterinary kit’. Working through these checks allows you to understand what is ‘normal’ for your horse making it easier to pick up on anything wrong and reducing the length of time taken for the vet to receive that very urgent call.

ipad4_white_landscape 2

If you want to find further information about what may be wrong with your horse, then Horse Tap also features both an extensive anatomy section and a horse disease section, a handy reference tool for horse owners as well as pre-veterinary, and veterinary students who are in need of a quick, yet informative summary, for exam revision. Horse Tap also includes invaluable revision required for pony club efficiency exams.

Horse Tap aims to minimize unnecessary calls to the veterinarians freeing up the time veterinarians have to respond to those urgent matters. With Horse Tap you can work more closely with your veterinarian. By working together in a swift and informed manner your horse will be restored to full health in the shortest possible time when every minute can be critical.

HORSE TAP – everything you could possibly need for a quick stress free initial diagnoses at your fingertips. MAKE THAT FIRST CALL A HORSE TAP CALL!

Available on Google Play and Amazon for android mobile and tablet and kindle.



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  Bissy Tolman wrote @

Is this NOT available for iphone?

  farmtap wrote @

Hi Bissy, we are working on having this out for iOS very soon I would be happy to notify you when it is available if you drop me your email on farmtap@gmail.com. Same goes for anyone else who wants Horse Tap for iPhone. Thanks!

  HorseTap, A New Horse Health App for Phones and… wrote @

[…] Tack and Talk is proud to present to their readers, Horse Tap the Animal Health App for your Android phone and tablet and NOW APPLE! HorseTap was built with animal owners in mind. Horse’s can’t te…  […]

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