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Are you having problems with your arena?

Presented by Larissa W. Cox, M.Sc. Applied Equine Science with permission from Springride Surfaces

Believe it or not, summer is coming and you will be riding!  However, if you look at your arena now, it’s looking a little sad.  You know you have to do something about it, but you don’t know what. 


Sand draining well but needs added spring.

So, your arena looks okay and the drainage is good but it needs that added spring.  According to Springride, UK manufacturers of Equestrian surfaces,  prepare your sand by levelling and rolling and then lay 25mm rubber and fibre composite chip on top at a rate of one tonne per 40sqm.  If you buy Springride’s premium chip, it comes in bags, so you can position them evenly on your arena, split or tip the bags and spread to an even depth.  Take care to ensure the sand is completely level, you don’t want to lay the rubber in tracks or pits.  Once laying is complete, level and roll daily until settled.


How much do you need?  Springride delivers their product in 1 tonne bags, so if you have a 20m x 20m arena, the suggested requirement is 10 tonnes (10 bags).  20m x 40m = 20 tonnes; 20m x 60m = 30 tonnes.

Deep riding sand

According to Springride, this is one of the most common problems and generally occurs as a result of over engineered drainage and/or the wrong sand.  You need to source a fine to medium, angular silica sand and lay to a depth of 100mm if topping with a rubber surface.  Springride offers a great product called Springride Shred which is a blend of specifically shaped and uniquely patterned rubber that anchors into the sand layer to create a stable surface.  This product reduces maintenance, provides great cushioning and spring with minimal kick back.  It has great drainage properties and reduces dust, retaining moisture in dry months.

Is your indoor dry and dusty?

This is a very common problem with indoor arenas even with a sprinkler system in place.  Prepare your sand by levelling and rolling.  It is very helpful to thoroughly wet the sand prior to laying a top dressing.  Springride has a innovative product called Shredtex which is a blend of rubber strips and rubber backed with textile.  This helps retain moisture and provides a soft but secure footing.  Lay this blend of rubber and textiles on a 75 – 100mm sand base and roll as often as possible in the first few weeks.  You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Springride products are available for delivery across the UK and Europe.  Sorry folks, this product is not available in North America.

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