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Contest closes February 14th! Enter to win!

Would you like to win a pair of ProChaps chaps?  Of course you would!  We are hosting this great contest and ProChaps is the sponsor.  To enter, visit https://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=15082

Together, we are promotingthe comfortable, high performance ProChaps riding chaps by giving away one free pair to a lucky winner who will be announced once the contest is over on Valentine’s Day.

The winner will chose between 3 styes:


ATHLETIC full chaps.  One of a kind, great for high-intensity training and long-distance riding!


COMPETITION half chaps.  Hunters, jumpers, eventers and many others LOVE the increased performance they provide.


FIT half chaps.  Comfortable and great looking, for everyday training and riding.

ProChaps – the only one in the world to offer half chaps in 35 sizes and classic full chaps in 25 sizes!  Don’t miss out on this amazing contest.  To enter the I ❤ ProChaps contest, visit https://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=15082

Good luck and keep riding!

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