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iHorseMgr – Promotional Offer

Part of iSimpleTypeApp Livestock Management Series (LMS)

iPhone/iPad Utility to Manage Equine Records

In conjunction with iHorseMgr, Tack and Talk is proud to offer 10 free promotional codes to test out this unique application to manage your equine records.

ihorseWhat is iHorseMgr?

iHorseMgr and iHorseMgrPro are IOS applications designed to help keep day to day records of your animal’s critical information. It includes information about genetic breeding, health and performance, birth weight and much more.  Both applications provide a way to enter “Event” data, a chronological record of noteworthy events on a day to day, hour to hour basis. The Events can also be predefined to help speed up data entry.

The Pro version facilitates over 90 pieces of information about your animal.  It includes an AI Tank management module, Pasture management module and Data Sharing module.  Data Sharing provides the ability to share your data with other iHorseMgrPro owners through a bluetooth connection and for ranches with larger operations the applications can share data through an iCloud account.  New features are added on a quarterly basis, some upcoming features are Ferrier, Veterinary, Training, Riding and other scheduling module.  iHorseMgr, has a lower purchase price and provides options to add the features you want and need. The features you can choose from are:

Expanded Data – This feature expands the data you can collect on each animal to that of the pro version this includes identification, birth and performance data.

Data Sharing – This feature activates the ability to share your animal data via bluetooth and iCloud.

Grouping – This feature lets you define sets of animals, it is a handy way to collect a listing of all offspring of a stud.

AI Tank Management – Allows you to manage your inventory of specimens for breeding.

Pasture Management – Plot and manage pastures for grazing and animal location.

All of iSimpleTypeApp LMS applications are based on one code set, this helps improve overall quality.  Users benefit through enhancements throughout the series. Each application although specifically designed for the species will allow expansion to any other as you see fit. You can expand the species and breeds through a set of reference tables within the database.  This reference data, gives you the ability to expand the use of the application to fit your needs.

Things to know about iSimpleTypeApp applications purchased through iTunes:

The cost is 100% upfront and allows you to install and use the application on as many devices as iTunes allows. Subscription based applications are on a per device basis.

You are protected in your purchase by Apple, this means once you’ve purchased an item you own it, never an upgrade cost, never loose it when you loose your device, never loose it when you upgrade.  This is true for all  the in app purchases as well.

iSimpleTypeApp’s website www.iCattleMgrPro.com is a great place to find out more about what is to offered, there are training videos, weekly tips and live web chat if you need a question answered.  They provide real support and are always there to listen to your ideas to make their product better for everyone.  Also you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

If you are interested in trying out this application, please let us know in the “Comment” section below.  Tack and Talk will contact you by email, providing you with the Promo Code to try out this great application.  Tack and Talk would like to thank  Rob George of iSimpleTypeApp, for his generosity in providing these promotional codes. 

How to redeem Promo Codes in the App Store here.




  Jessica Puccia wrote @

Hello, I’m interested in trying the iHorseMgrPro app. Could I please have a promo code to try it with? Thanks Jessica

  tackandtalk wrote @

Sure Jessica! What’s your email so I can send it to you?

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