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With the cost of horse blankets always increasing,  we all need creative ways to stretch horse blanket use and conserve cash.  Get more versatility out of your horse blankets with these handy tips.

Stretch Hood:  This is the stretchy type of hoodie that covers the head, neck and shoulder area with openings for the eyes, ears and muzzle.  Not only are these show necessities to protect braids and keep your horse clean, but these hoodies help during the winder months to add more warmth and protects the shoulder from blanket rubs.  They also come in fleece versions that offer warmth without the extra bulk.  I use these always during the winter months.


Shoulder Guard:  A winter necessity!  This is worn under a blanket to protect shoulders from blanket rubs and also offers additional warmth.


Liner:  This is great for layering adding additional warmth.  Also, this is generally made of light weight fabric which is a snap to launder yourself!


Neck Cover:  A great insulating layer.  And, for additional warmth, use it over a stretch fabric or fleece hood.

neck cover


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