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Yes, the days are definitely getting colder.  There is a crispness in the air and we are now starting to sort through the horse blankets preparing for winter.  Here are a few tips that may help you this winter.


The fly sheet that you generally pack away for the fly season can actually come in really handy during the winter months.  Layer it under a blanket to create air pockets that will trap in your horse’s body heat.  Every had problems with your fleece blanket and shavings?  A cool trick is to use your fly sheet as a top blanket to prevent those shavings from sticking.

Layer!  You may only have a sheet and light weight blanket but if you combine both of them, you’ll have the equivalent of a medium weight blanket!  So, layer, layer, layer!

Blanket repair can be such a burden.  Tired of taking your blanket to get those leg straps sewn back on.  Consider D-rings sewn on instead or replaceable elastic leg straps.

Don’t really like those standard hoods fearing that they will slip down and cover your horse’s eyes.  Consider a neck cover instead.  Or use a stretch fabric hood neck cover.

Multiple horses of different sizes?  Colour code your horse blankets.  You can colour code according to blanket size, or name.  For example, for my horses,  Rio has red blankets, Phantom has purple blankets and Bruq has black blankets.  That way, I can grab a blanket for each horse very quickly without reading those labels that always wash off!


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