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BREED SPOTLIGHT: The Bashkir Curly

Have horse allergies but want to own a horse…try the Bashkir Curly!


The exact origin of the Bashkir Curly is one of the horse mysteries of the world with many theories on how this breed arrived to North America.  There is evidence, however,  that the Curly have been around since the early 1800’s.  Many Native pictographs illustrating the “Winter Counts” of the 1801-1802 winter, show the Sioux had stolen some curly horses from the Crow. 

The modern day history of the Curlies dates to 1898, when Peter Damele and his father were riding the Peter Hanson Mountain in Central Nevada.  Peter recalled seeing three horses with tight curly ringlets over their entire bodies.  From that day forward, there have always been curly coated horses on the Damele range that can be traced back to the original Damele herd.

The Bashkir Curly comes in all colors.  They are of medium size.  Their soft, calm looking eyes have an Oriental slant to them which gives them a sleepy look but which also tends to give them a larger range of rear vision.  They have unusually tough black hoofs that are almost perfectly round in shape.  Those Curlies with white legs, still tend to have black hoofs.

Foals are born with thick, crinkly coats and have beautiful curly eyelashes.  They are born with an unusually affectionate disposition and insist on being briendly.

The Curlies have a double mane which splits down the middle leaving curly ringlets hanging on both sides of the neck.  They are a hardy breed and able to survive severe winter conditions some stating that the Curly horses were the only ones to survie the open ranges of Nevada without supplemental feeding!

The most cherished quality of this breed is their calmness and extremely gentle disposition with their love of human compansionship.

The Curly is a no-nonsense horse and have the ability to do all that is asked of them.  They are intelligent, learn quickly and have a remarkable memory.  They are excellent mounts for the mountains, ranch work and pleasure.


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