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Q & A: The Bitless Bridle


Can you please tell me how the Bitless Bridle works?  – Sophie, UK


Many riders have switched over to the Bitless Bridle System.  According to Dr. Robert Cook, designer of the bridle, it distributes pressure over the nose, poll, sides of he face and lower jaw.  It is described as having the horse in a benign headlock.  Directions are given by pushing the head rather than pulling and horses generally respond better to that.

The Bitless Bridle  transmits the hand aids painlessly thereby eliminating the fear and nervousness caused by the bit. According to BB, Without the bit, there is no impediment to breathing, so the horse tires less rapidly. As bits are a common cause of painful bone spurs on the bars of the mouth, the BB avoids this complication.  According to the manufacturer, the BB is the only bridle that cannot hurt a horse.  All bits and all other bitless designs (mechanical hackamores, bosals, sidepulls and rope halters) depend for their action on pain or the threat of pain.  Snaffles in the wrong hands can be instruments of torture and mechanical hackamores in the wrong hands can fracture a horse’s nasal bone or lower jaw.  To find our more about the benefits of bitless bridles, visit www.bitlessbridle.co.uk/benefits-bitless-bridle.php


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  Tracy Richards wrote @

Hi I use a dr cook bb its great, been using it about 6 years now .Regards Tracy.


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