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HELLO WEEKEND: Disaster Planning – Evacuation

You have been informed to evacuate from your premises.  You have planned for such disasters, and you’re ready.  But, before the horses are moved, there are still a few things that need to be accomplished.

Prior to the evacuation get your Zip-lock bag with all copies of your horses registration papers, insurance papers and the photographs you have taken, copies of the identification papers, fill out an index card with your name, address, horses name and description and your vet’s name and phone number.  Also add any feeding instructions or special needs.  Wrap this around the horse’s halter with duct tape.  Do not put original papers in the bag, write “copy” across the papers.  Remember that during an emergency not everyone is honest.

Put luggage or similar type of tags with the same information and braid it into the horse’s mane and tail.

If your horse is not permanently identified with a microchip or brand now may be the time to use animal clippers and clip your phone number onto your horse’s neck.  Spray paint or permanent march each of the hooves.  If your horse is being trailered by someone other than you to the evacuation site, an ID number may be drawn onto the horse with an Auction/Livestock crayon.

Your trailer has already been packed for such an emergency, but don’t forget the portable first aid kit.  Do not wait until the last minute to remove your animals and transport them to the evacuation site.

Write down and keep in a safe place, the address of where your horse has been evacuated.

If you are unable or unwilling to remove your horse, make sure all the preparations to keep them on your property are in place.  Make sure that someone knows you are on the propertgy and have your horsese with you.  If you are staying with your horse, take two plywood boards and spray paint onto one side of the board “HAVE HORSES, NEED HELP“, on the other side of the board, spray paint “HAVE HORSES, OK FOR NOW“.  Keep these in the barn or near the house and use them to keep rescue and emergency personnel informed should a communication line be severed.

Your emergency disaster kit should include:  Copies of everything in the Zip Lock ID bag; First Aid kit; Personal Emergency Kit; Feed and Supply Kit; Written Plan of Action.


Presented by:  Larissa Cox


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