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HELLO WEEKEND: Disaster Planning – Identification


A valuable lesson of this recent disaster and a very important part of any Disaster Plan is to think of how you will mark your horse (or any animal)  before any disaster strikes. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished.

  • Halter Tag: Attach a luggage tag or any other tag to the halter of your horse.  Write your contact information on the tag and the horse’s special needs if any.  Sometimes horses lose their halters, so it is always a good idea to have several identification sources on your horse.
  • Neck Collars: These are sturdy plastic collars generally used in broodmare operations.  You can write your information on these collars.

  • Leg Band:  These are bands securely fastened around the pastern of your horse.
  •  Tag: Put your information on a tag and braid into the tail or mane.
  • Clipper shaved information in the animal’s coat.  Shave off your phone number on the horse’s coat.  This is a good idea for advance warning disasters.
  • Livestock Marking Crayon:  A non toxic, non water-soluble marker used to write your information on your horse’s coat.
  • Permanent marker to mark hooves.  These markers allow you to identify your horse more easily in a rescue facility .  These markings give you the advantage of saying up front “My horse has my telephone number written in blue on the hooves.”

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