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9th International Equitation Science Conference

This year, 2013, the International Equitation Science Conference will be held in the US!  This international conference will take place July 17-20, 2013 at the University of Delaware’s campus, Calyton Conference Center, Newark, Delaware and the Practical Day (Saturday, July 20) taking place at the New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania, Kennet Square, Pennsylvania.  Yes, these locations are in separate states, but they are only about 20 miles apart!

I  had the opportunity to attend the 2011 Conference in The Netherlands and in 2010 in Uppsala, Sweden while I was studying in the UK.  The 2011 conference was held in southern Netherlands at the prestigious and well known Academy Bartels in Hooge Mierde in conjuction with Global Dressage Form, while the 201o0 Sweden conference was held in Uppsala.

Horse welfare and human safety:  the importance of learning, training and education was the main theme of the conference held in Sweden.  Training and education of horses and riders, from a scienfic as well as from a practical persepective were discussed.  At the 2011 Netherland conference, how equitation science has developed as a discipline and how new innovations in technology can be used to improve practice was the main theme.  This year’s conference theme will be embracing science to enhance equine welfare and horse-human interactions.  It should be an interesting conference and one that I am excited to attend.

The International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) is a not for profit organization that aims to facilitate research into the training of horses to enhance horse welfare and improve the horse rider relationship.

ISES runs international conferences that serve as platforms where latest research finds and their application in practice can be communicated and discussed.  ISES also provides a pool of expertise for international bodies and aademic institutions that approach ISES with questions related to horse behaviour, training and welfare.

ISES was founded by individuals from various equine fields of knowledge in 2007.  Since then, equitation science has developed rapidly, not least because of the growing worldwide interest in thsi area amount equestrian professionals and aademics alike.  ISES now unites a multi disciplinary membership of academics, students and interested practitioners worldwide.

– Larissa


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