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NEW HORSE PRODUCTS at the 2013 American Equestrian Trade Show

Presented by:  Larissa Cox

Some interesting and new equestrian products were featured at the January 2013 American Equestrian Trade Show, highlights of some of the products are:

Horseware Ireland demonstrated the new ICE-VIBE boots.  These rechargeable vibrating horse boots can be used to prepare a horse’s legs for exercise, treat soreness and swelling and repair damage.  Each package contains two ICE-VIBE boots, two cold packs, two vibrating panels, two batteries, a battery charger and adapters for universal use.

Want to see exactly what’s going on in your horse’s hoof.  Try the Illuminated Hoof Pick which features a high-powered LED light and a strong nylon brush.  The makers of the Illuminated Hoof Pick plan to introduce replaceable brushes so users can simply replace an old, worn brush instead of buying a new hoof pick.

Not all about horses!  Got a puppy?  Uncle Jimmy’s now offers cake mixes designed for that special dog in your life.  Flavors include carob, banana and wheat-free peanut butter.

The Henri de Rivel saddle can be adjusted to be wider or narrower with just a few turns of an allen wrench!

Want a little flair to your tack?  Try L’Apogee stirrup.  They come in a variety of fun and functional colors.

Ariat International introduces a new cross body to its existing handbag collection.  The Sedona, created by New York based designer Sarah Blaustein of Sarah Hearey designs, is inspired by equestrial traditon and detailed with modern hardware.  It is hand made in New York!  Retail price for the Sedona is at $395.00 and is at limited quantities at www.ariat.com.


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