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We often hear of stories on how man’s best friend, his dog, saved one’s life but here are just two stories about our other best friend, the horse.

Cow Mania

Recently, I read an article from the U.K. about a lady who went out to see what was bothering a wailing calf in the field.  She realized her mistake when the Mother Cow rushed to the calf’s aid thinking the woman was the reason for the calf’s distress.

The cow sat on the woman.

Realizing her predicament, the woman thought this was the end when suddenly, her horse, who shared the same pasture ran over and started kicking the cow.  The cow moved and the woman was able to crawl to safety.

Did this horse have experience with kicking this particular cow as they shared the same pasture, or did this horse come to the rescue of her owner?  Nevertheless, a remarkable story.

Coyote Stand Off

An interesting article written in The Times 03/01/2010 about an older rancher who went out to feed his horses in the early morning and came face to face with a pack of nasty coyotes.  He called out to his horse Scottee and the horse along with three other horses on the farm made a circle around the owner and pushed him tightly into the middle to protect him.  The rancher said the largest coyote made a leap at a horse and was kicked while other coyotes were also being kicked.

The coyotes ran off and all the rancher could remember after the ordeal as he rested his head on his horse Scottee is that they saved his life.  Horse heros, you decide.

Do you have any horse hero stories you would like to share?  If so, let me know via the comment form and your story will be published on Tack and Talk!


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