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BOOK REVIEW: The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage

One of the many reasons why I love bringing you Tack and Talk, is that when I do the research I learn  something new.  There are so many horsemen contributors that are passionate about horses with so much knowledge, willing to share this wealth of information, it amazes me.

Such is the case with this current book review, The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage.  Now, I know many of you will disregard this read because you think it’s just another how-to-ride-dressage book.  But it is much more than that…it is a guide to understanding first how a horse naturally interprets what you do and how it affects him and an introspective look at yourself!


What are the deadly sins:  Ignorance, Timidity, Pride, Fear, Impatience, Anger and Immoderation.  This book shows how each cause riding problems.  Even if you are not guilty of any of them, there is incredible wisdom presented within these pages, and each chapter is well worth the read.

This book contains excellent, large photos of riders, horses at liberty and old-time masters.  The photos are outstanding.

Author Douglas Puterbaugh says he’s seen many riders who “think of dressage mainly in terms of technique.”  Those students expect a specific how-to answer when they ask, “what am I doing wrong?”  They don’t understand “it’s not so much a question of what one does, but the way one does it.”  A quote from Waldemar Seunig within the book.

The bottom line is that while this book is dressage oriented, it is a good book for anyone who owns a horse no matter the discipline who want to overcome the natural human emotions that get in the way of communicating with your horse.  You won’t be disappointed.


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  Patricia Wooldridge (@PatWooldridge) wrote @

This book sounds wonderful. How true, that our own emotions/agendas get in the way of a horse’s understanding of what we want. Certainly I had to learn that very thing when taking dressage lessons. What an eye opener. I’ve tried always to use the principles in the years that I’ve been away from dressage lessons but still riding. Doing it this way makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing this book with us. I know it will become a favorite and one of my Keepers.

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