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Hot Horse Exercise #8

Another serpentine option, which I really enjoy is the Longway Serpentine.  This horse keeps your horse focused on you and your cues, as at X, you’ll ask him to do something different.

Longway Serpentine where at “X” you’ll ask for something to be performed.

Make a serpentine the length of the arena rather than across the arena width.  At X, so something different, for example, stop, backup-up, leg yield or cue a lead change.  You can ask whatever you want.  Then continue down the remainder of the centerline, turning back up the rail in the opposite direction.  This exercise will make you work to keep your horse straight down the center of the arena before and after your special maneuver at X while he’ll be listening to your cues.

This exercise will enhance your horse’s bending and straightness skills, while maintaining his focus on you and your cues.

At first keep this exercise simple by stopping at X or changing your horse’s gait at X.  Try adding a pylon at the center for your visual cue.  Make this exercise more challenging by varying your speed and performing lead changes at the arena’s center line, or preparing a different maneuver to keep your horse guessing at what you’ll be asking him to do!


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