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Hot Horse Exercise #7

We are now progressing into an exercise that forces you to focus on each new turning point, changing your rein and leg cues at each change in direction.  This exercise really sharpens your horse bending and listening skills.

 Classic Serpentine

Three loop serpentine

Three loop serpentine

 The goal of this exercise is for your horse to improve his lightness and flexibility as he bends and changes direction and he must listen to your cues.  Try to make each loop the same size and shape.  Initially, keep it simple by making two or three loops, but increase the difficulty by adding more loops, to perhaps four or five narrower loops.  Try to keep the shape of the loop the same at each loop.

This exercise is very challenging at the canter where you must repeatedly change leads on each straight line, or ask your horse to counter-canter around every other loop.  A great challenge for the hot horse.  Your horse will need focus listen to your cues for this exercise to be performed correctly.


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