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Hot Horse Exercise #6

Hello again to Hot Horse Exercises.  This exercise, the Half 10m Circle with Halt is an excellent exercise to use all your aids, rein seat and legs.

 Half 10m Circle with  Centre Halt


Half 10m Circle with Halt on the Centre Line.

Start this exercise at M at a working trot.  At S, ride half a 10 metre circle and at the centre line walk your horse for two strides and then halt facing C for five seconds.  Your horse should be still and not anticipate moving forward.  When calm continue riding the next 10 metre circle, finishing your half circle at R.  Ride your working trot down the long side and at B repeat the two half circle patterns.  Remember to do an equal number of right and left rein bends.

This is a great exercise as you must prepare for the transition from trot to walk before you get to the centre line.  You’ll have to prepare your body core for the downward transitions before applying your regulating rein.  Your horse must listen to all of your aids.

Remember that your inside rein flexes your horse while the outside rein is one of support.  You’ll need to increase your weight on your inside seat bone to also prepare for the corners while keeping weight on your inside leg as it remains at the girth.  Your outside leg will be behind the girth.

Your horse will need to listen to the Half Halt during this exercise.  If you cannot ride this exercise in trot, ride it in a walk to get control and then at a walk.  Or, vary each half circle.  Ride one half at a trot while the other at a walk.  The aim of this exercise is to have the horse listen to your aids, maintain rhythmn and maintain the bend at each circle.

Good luck!


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