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Are you an Equine Einstein Quiz Answers.

You all did a great job!  Here are the answers to our quiz!

1.  What is the junction of the sole and the wall called? (white line)

2.  What is made possible by the action of bone levers, joint hinges, tendon cables and the contraction of muscles?   (movement)

3.  The most common cause of abortion in mares is caused by what virus?  (equine herpes)

4. In horse terminology, what are “appointments”?    (equipment and clothing)

5.  A gene that does not show up if it is paired with a dominant gene is said to be what?    (recessive)

6.  When were horses introduced to the modern Olympic games?   (1900)

7.  Name three problems associated with overfeeding of horses. (obesity, laminitis, colic, contracted tendons, epiphysitis)

8.  Where do horses get vitamin D?  (sunlight and sun-cured hay)

9.  Feed should always be measured and offered by what?   (weight)

10.  When a horse is lame in his left foreleg, when does his head nod down?  (when his right front foot lands.)

11.  What are the four natural aids?  (voice, hands, legs, weight)

12.  What are the two principle methods of self-protection utilized by the horse?  (flight and fight)

13.  What is meant by parturition?   (delivery of foals)

14.  In what performance class is the rider penalized for cueing the horse?  (cutting)

15.  How many yards are between the barrels in a cloverleaf pattern in barrel
racing?   (1st and 2nd = 30 yards, 2nd and 3rd = 35 yards, 3rd and 1st = 35 yards)


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