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“…the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain.” (1 Kings 18:45)

This article was originally published in October 2009. It has now been dusted off and re-published as part of November 2011’s “You Look Familiar” Series. Enjoy!

Story by: Larissa Cox

Autumn brings clouds, wind and rain. Here are a few tips to help you and your horse from getting swept away!

pony swim
Stall maintenance
In wet and muddy conditions, its important to keep your horse’s stall dry and clean. A horse’s stall should be mucked out once or twice a day depending on if your horse is turned out or left in all day, to keep the environment fresh and clean. Here are some products from Dry Stall that help absorb moisture and minimize thrush in your horse: DRY STALL.

Paddock maintenance
High use areas in the stableyard are areas that often get puddles or become very muddy. Walkways between paddocks, areas near gates, or along fence lines should be reinforced with gravel or mats to prevent build up of mud.

Horse maintenance

Wet and muddy environments can cause equine ailments such as thrush, rain rot or mud fever. It’s important to check your horse on a regular basis for signs of these conditions, and take preventative action by keeping your horse clean.

–> pick horse’s feet out and wash off/ brush off legs after coming in from muddy environment

–> put water resistant power on legs to prevent mud fever. ie: Keratex Mud Shield Powder

–> Heal mud fever with good quality ointment. Ex: Equinat Aromaheel; Protocon Ointment

–> Heal thrush with equine thrush remedies. Ex: Hooflex Thrush Remedy

–> Keep a rainsheet on your horse when out in paddock

–> Keep a clean and dry stable blanket on your horse while in the stall

–> Groom your horse regularly to check for rain scald, mud fever, cold&flu or any other issues that might be caused from a cold and wet environment.

–> Disinfect brushes on a regular basis to keep from spreading skin conditions or cold viruses from horse to horse

People maintenance

Prepare yourself as well as your horse for the rainy season:

-> Get a good pair of muck boots like these from the Muck Boot Company

–> Good quality riding raincoat. There is a great selection of equestrian outerwear from Equestrian Collections.

Hopefully these tips help with the management of your horse during the rainy and muddy season of autumn. If you have any other tips for riders and horse owners regarding mud or rain management, feel free to leave comments!!

Happy Riding! 🙂

~ Larissa

(AP photo by Salisbury Daily Times/Jay Diem)


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