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HELLO WEEKEND – Complementary Equine Medicine


Spinal manipulation, massage therapy, herbal remedies, electromagnetic fields, acupuncture – the term “alternative medicine” has been applied to a number of modalities for both human and equine alike.  In the past, the selection of an alternative treatment implied a choice that ruled out conventional medicine.  However, research during the past decade shows that some “alternatives” work very well with the traditional treatment and now “complementary” medicine is being used for those techniques used with the traditional treatment options.

During the month of October, we will be exploring some of the “complementary” options available to the horse owner today.

On 1972, prior to Richard Nixon visiting China, James Reston, a New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, traveled with Henry Kissinger to China on a scouting mission.  During that trip, Reston required emergency appendix surgery, and acupuncture was used for post-operative pain.  Acupuncture, relatively new in the equine field, has been embraced by the Western culture and is very popular today to treat a number of equine problems.  Visit Tack and Talk on Monday, to read about  acupuncture as an equine therapy performed today.


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Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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