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Passion Flower

By Larissa Cox

This herb was named by the Spanish explorers because the beautiful white and pink/purple flowers reminded them of The Passion of Christ.  This flower was widely used in native North and Central American herbal traditions as it has a sedative and tranquilizing property.

It is best known, however, in bringing relief to insomnia.  Widely acknowledged as a good remedy for anxiety, tension and irritability, Passion Flower can be of benefit to horses who are generally nervous and apprehensive as well as those who are distressed and restless due to a current illness.

In addition to its directly calming effects it also has analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-spasmodic properties and can be useful, often in conjunction with other herbs, for the moody mare and the horse who has tight, sore muscles due to constant tension.

One of passionflower’s phytochemicals – passicol – fights a number of bacteria, moulds and yeasts.  High doses of this flower during pregnancy must be avoided.  Before switching to any herb, please consult with your veterinarian or equine herbalist.



  patrick wrote @

Thank you for your article on passion flower.I am an Irish man living in Thailand and suffer from insomnia,maybe this flower an help me.Would you know if its growing in Thailand?



  Mike Nguyen wrote @

passion flower does not treat the root,
don’t know how old you are but usually sleep problem it due to blood pressure cause by stress & too much spicy food, or fry. basicly your blood is over heated at night so you not sleep well.

you should try GOto kola pill first to cool since it is a soft drink in south asia -well I avoid the sugar content.

a better formula would be jiang ya wan to bool the liver. if you older than 60 add kidney tonic liu wei di huang t-stablizing both liver and kidney will reduce the heat.

I got a few passion glower in my backyard since I did not know what they were until today -beautiful.

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