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Demystifying Animal Communication: How does it work and can I do it too?

Written by:  Holli Shan

People often wonder if they can talk to their pets.  Such statements as “I wish I knew what my pet was thinking.” or “I wish I could understand why my pet does that.” are common among most pet owners.  Most people feel that in order to truly know what our pets are thinking that they need to be a great psychic with years of training and experience.

What most people don’t know is that all intuitive communication begins with one simple thing that everyone has.  Their intuition.  Your intuition is what will give you a “gut feeling” about someone or a situation.  Our intuition is something that is so important – yet is often ignored, or overlooked.

Animal Communication relies on two things, our intuition and telepathic communication.  The word “telepathy” means “to feel from a distance”.  You are not trying to predict the future – you are focusing in on what your pet is feeling without having your own feelings or emotional state “color” the result.

The person who has owned any animal for any length of time can tell when their pet needs something, or if something is amiss.  This will usually take the form of that deep “knowing” within the owner.  When the owner just “knows” or has that “feeling” that something isn’t quite right – or otherwise, that is a communication between the owner and their pet.  That is the intuition kicking in.  If that feeling is accompanied by a “vision” or more detailed sense of what is going on, then you have a telepathic communication going on.  Perhaps the most poignant example of this – is when an owner needs to say goodbye to their beloved pet, and the pet gives them that look that says “It’s time for me to go.”  It’s one of the more heartbreaking times when our intuition and telepathy is on and our pets give us that request.  Other examples are when you know that your pet wants to take a more specific action (hunting or chasing things for most predators), or when they are hungry and need to go outside.  How about the time when you first got your pet and you had that “knowing” that this was the right one?  That is your intuition at work.

Tapping into your intuition/telepathy isn’t a difficult thing to do.  It does take some patience and practice to hone your perceptions.  Here are a few simple things you can do to get in touch with your intuition. 

  • The first thing to do is take a deep breath and relax.  Feel your feet on the ground and visualize yourself  being connected, the Earth beneath your feet.
  • Then you visualize a quiet space in your heart area.  This is the place where all communication happens.  Spend some time breathing into that area.  With each breath, begin to feel more connected to the Earth, to the animals and your visualization become more clear.
  • Once you have this space clear in your mind – visualize a tube extending out from your heart center to who you want to communicate with.  You can try this with your cat, dog, rabbit, bird or any animal you see.
  • Feel yourself being connected to them and simply say “Hello”, then wait to see if you get a response.  You may not sense anything right away – don’t be discouraged.  Everyone will have a different way of sensing how their animal communicates back with them.  Some people will feel a tingling, a sensation of heat or cold, or some people may see images or hear sounds.

See if you can practice a little bit each day.  Practicing these few steps can also aid in improving and sharpening your own observation with other people and other situations.  In time, this action will come more easily to you and you can allow yourself to be open to what your pets are thinking.

Don’t be discouraged if you find this practice challenging.  Clear intuitive animal communication takes time and practice.  A trained Animal Communicator can assist you in helping you to gain an understanding of your pet and some of their behaviors.

Thank you Holli for your article.  For those interested in Holli’s services, or want more information on what Animal Communication can do for you, please leave your messages on our comment board for Holli to view.   – Larissa.

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  Maria wrote @

Holli is very talented. She has helped me with my cat and bird. I will be asking for her help teaching me to communicate as well. I would recommend her as an animal communicator.

  tackandtalk wrote @

Maria, please let us know your experience and we would be happy to post it on Tack and Talk!

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