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April 22nd…Earth Day!

April 22 is Earth Day, one of the most important hallmarks in the world of conservation and recycling.  It unites us in ecological responsibility and taking ownership of our planet; after all, it is the only Earth that we have, and taking steps to lessen our impact is a great way to celebrate the 41st anniversary of this event. 

So celebrate this Earth Day by making a few easy changes at your barn that can dramatically reduce your use of water:

Fix anything (faucets, toilets, hoses) that drips. A faucet that drips one drop per second will waste a staggering 2,700 gallons a year.

Make sure all hoses have nozzles that let you adjust the spray and a “trigger” that shuts off the flow of water while you’re conditioning tails or soaping up dirty legs.

Before you turn on that hose, ask yourself, “Does my horse really need a bath or will a good grooming be fine?

Find a second use for leftover water in buckets – water plants around the barn, soak hay or control dust in the round pen.

Rain barrels – By saving rainwater, you’ll have plenty to use without taxing your well or municipal supply during the summer. One half-inch of rain on a 1,000-square-foot roof yields approximately 300 gallons of water!

Another way to protect our water resources?  Proper manure management.  A proper manure management system reduces the run off that pollutes our ground and well water PLUS composting manure can produce an excellent fertilizer to promote healthy grazing lands or even to use in your own garden.

HorseJobs.ca member Christine J says:  “We sell bags of manure at the roadside for a $1 a bag – it’s a great way to recycle our poly feed bags PLUS the local “green thumbs” love it for their rose and veggie gardens.  We have regular customers including a local greenhouse who come by to take it away by the truck load….It’s a win-win!”

Those of you who live in Ontario already know of the new rules about the storage and handling of livestock manure in the Nutrient Management Act, 2002 (NMA), and Ontario Regulation 267/03.   For more information regarding these new rules or to learn how YOU can build a better manure management system for YOUR barn click on this link: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/engineer/facts/07-045.htm#4

Whatever you decide to do for Earth Day…please decide to do something. – Larissa.



  Pat Wooldridge wrote @

Great tips. I love them!

  tackandtalk wrote @

Thanks Pat!


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