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How To Prevent Cold Weather Dry Skin

By:  Larissa Cox

The season is rapidly changing and many people consider dry skin unavoidable during the winter season, there are several easy ways and techniques to protect your skin, prevent it from becoming itchy and ashy, and keep it moisturized.

I have had so many positive comments on my Tack and Talk article Freshen Up At The Barn: Tips To Go From Horse-mom To Dinner-party Ready While at the Stable, and many questions on what to do about cold weather barn skin, I’ll share what I do to protect my skin from harsh winter riding.

Dry skin is the result of low moisture.  I’m sure you have listened to the weatherman talk about low humidity, the scientific term for a shortage of water in the air, while preparing for your venture out to the barn.  That dry climate translates into dry skin.  In order to avoid having dry skin, you need to take measures to control the humidity in your environment and keep it locked into your skin, something barn people find difficult to do as they always subject themselves to nasty environments to take care of their horses.

I don’t know about you, but my hands suffer terribly from the winter weather. It is very difficult to always wear gloves, and as a result, I come home often with dry, chapped hands.  BeautiControl makes an amazing product named BC Spa Manicure Instant Manicure. As soon as I walk in the door, I wash my hands with Instant Manicure which softens and moisturizes my hands and cuticles while removing all that barn grunge.  The Dead Sea salts in this product gently exfoliate all the dead skin cells leaving my hands very soft.   Now, for the upcoming holiday season, they are offering this product in a chocolate flavor, called Chocolate Indulgence!  I don’t know about you, but anything chocolate is okay in my books!

A vital part of your skin care regimen, throughout the year and especially in the dry winter months, should be moisturizer. Lotions and body creams provide a protective layer on the skin, helping to hold in the water that keeps it supple. If you normally use a light body lotion, switch to a richer formula when the temperature drops. Doing so will feed thirsty skin and keep out the drying effects of the cold with a thin oily layer. Incorporate moisturizing into your daily routine, applying it directly after you have toweled off after bathing.  I use baby oil on my legs to help control itchy winter legs.  Choose an appropriate lotion for your face as well, both to keep it moisturized and to fight the signs of aging that come with thirsty skin. Wear chap stick, especially when going outdoors, to keep your lips from cracking in low humidity. Again, BeautiControl offers kits for different age groups and I typically switch to a richer product during the winter months, for example during the summer months, I use the 20s product switching to the 40s kit for winter.

My Barn Kit: Consisting of a Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Lip Balm and Hand Cream

Consider purchasing a travel kit to keep at the barn.  I use BeautiControl’s 30s travel kit as the cleanser is a foam product that doesn’t require water to clean the face.  I use the toner applied cotton ball to rinse and then the moisturizer throughout the day at the barn.  Then my face doesn’t get that red, chapped look after winter riding.  I find that I use the barn travel kit on a regular basis at the barn and keep one in my tack box at all times.

By following a good winter moisturizing skin care program, you can almost guarantee that your skin will never again suffer from extreme dryness through those cold, windy winter months at the barn.  Replenishing vital moisture will keep skin supple even in the bitterest cold.

Happy cold weather riding,  Larissa  🙂



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