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Hello Weekend! Are You A Dr. Doolittle?

By:  Larissa Cox


All of us, I’m sure, have heard the term “horse whisperer” or “animal communicator”. Some people think it’s a bunch of hooey, but is there something there?

My experience with an animal communicator happened last year when my horse Phantom was not recovering at all from his stifle surgery. A year after his surgery, Phantom just wasn’t acting normally. He couldn’t take up the right lead canter, wasn’t balanced and just wasn’t acting like himself. The vet said he was fine, but was he?

It was my mother who suggested an animal communicator, stating “what’s there to loose, we’ve tried everything else!” So, what the heck…the communicator required my horse’s name, age and picture. Just as she looked at Phantom’s picture, Phantom started talking!  The communicator said, “Wow, Phantom is in extreme pain.” When she asked me about Phantom’s back leg, I acted dumb and said that I didn’t know anything (even though I did). She said the leg really bothers Phantom and his pain is very high. She also said that Phantom is very unbalanced and is trying to compensate, but fell down. She said that he’s very upset by this. At this point, I was speechless. How did she know…?

“What do I need to do?” I asked the communicator, not really expecting an answer. The communicator immediately started telling me about alternative medicines. Phantom needs body alignment, she went on to say. He said that he does not feel straight, his leg is very tight and it cannot move properly. “I really hurt,” he said. Phantom also wanted to acknowledge that he liked it when I talked to him. He felt comfort in that. He sent out a big heart to all of us and told us that he enjoys where he lives and that the people there are nice to him.

I was in shock. How did this person know the feelings of my horse? How did she know that he was in pain and that his leg was stiff? And, is there actually something to this animal communication stuff? Okay, I didn’t have anything to loose, so the next day, I started my quest to find an alternative medicine practitioner.

Days later, while attending a Centered Riding Instructor’s Clinic, I met an interesting lady. Once a large animal vet, this amazing person left the typical practice changing to body alignment and Chinese medicine. I asked her to come and visit Phantom to see what she could do. During her first visit, she spent over 3 hours with Phantom, doing combinations of chiropractic adjustments and body alignments and the difference in Phantom’s walk was amazing! Phantom seemed to respond favorably to this adjustment, so I asked her to return the following month. Again, she spent another 3 hours with Phantom, this time performing acupuncture on Phantom as well. Phantom took it all in! After this visit, I lunged Phantom and was amazed to see that he took up the right lead canter immediately and while he wasn’t able hold it for a length of time; he actually took up that lead!

Two months later, I contacted the animal communicator again as a follow-up visit just to see what she would say only to be told that Phantom is feeling much better. While his pain is still there, it is not as bad as it was. Phantom acknowledged the work that was being done to him stating that it was helping him out and thanked me. I never told the communicator that someone was working on Phantom…

Today, after several chiropractic body treatments and acupuncture, Phantom has been able to return to work and is better than ever. His pain is no longer an issue and he has returned to dressage training.

PHANTOM TODAY: Happy, Healthy and Sound!

We all have stories to share or problems we just can’t figure out. Communicators, animal or otherwise, may be a valuable source. In my case, there was a happy ending and was it actual or fortunate that the communicator actually gave me insight. You have to have an open mind to take it seriously, or you may want to do is just for fun with your friends. You might figure out some problems no one else sees, or simply become closer to your horse. I think all of us have a sort of inner communication or insight if we pay attention.

I know I have become closer to all my animals and are more aware of what is going on around me. At one time, I used to laugh when I heard someone speaking to their animals through a communicator, but today I smile, knowing that there are some questions that never can be answered.

Larissa 🙂



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So, how could I get in touch with a horse communicator?

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