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PRODUCT REVIEW: Deco’s Monster Mash

By:  Larissa Cox

Recently, I have had the opportunity to sample a new product,  Deco’s Monster Mash a specality, USA manufactured gourmet bran mash for horses.   “Carrot Calamity” was the mash tried and let me tell you… this is a great name for this mash!  Just look at the layer of carrots in this mash.

Firstly, each attractively packaged mash is 16 oz. This mash has no artificial ingredients, no added sugars and nothing but the highest quality, organic, naturally dehydrated fruits & vegetables. Upon first glance at the package, you’ll notice that there’s a smaller amount of bran, but much more of  the “good stuff” such as  Wheat mash, Alfalfa, Rolled Oats, Un-sweetened Beet Pulp, Cracked Corn and Ground Flax Seed and in Carrot Calamity a large layer of dehydrated carrots!

Once the 5 cups of hot water was added, a pleasant aroma filled my senses.  After 15 minutes, the dehydrated vegetables plumped up and the mash looked good enough for me to eat! For those of you concerned about feeding this product on a weekly basis, there’s no need to worry as this formula was created to allow for weekly feeding without the risk of the dreaded “big head” from too much calcium intake.  In addition, not only is this mash yummy, all-natural and nutritious, it also aids in hydration which is so critical to maintain in our competitive companions.

Bruq, my Arabian gelding, was the first to receive his portion of Carrot Calamity.  Each year,  I have serious problems with Bruq during show season as he refuses to drink water or eat no matter how long at the show grounds.  Bruq is not your typical horse as he does not like any type of conventional  mash products, so feeding him this gourmet bran mash was a test and very interesting.  Not only did he immediately approach my mixing bowl, he couldn’t wait until I put his mash into his feed bucket.  His head didn’t leave his feed bucket until everything was gone!

Phantom was next in line, and again, ate this mash with great enthusiasm and enjoyment occasionally lifting his head to savour his bites.

Pippa Equine, manufacturers of Deco’s Monster Mash offers this mash in several great named flavors: Applepaloosa, Buckin’Bananaberry, Carrot Calamity, Florida Orange, Frolickin’ Fruit Cocktail, Kickin’ Kiwi, Lip Smackin’ Strawberry Banana, Peachy, Pear Passage, Peppermint Piaffe (peppermints not included), Tropical Trot and Very Berry. These mashes are now available at Dover Saddlery on-line and at all of their 12 retails outlet stores, or can be purchased directly through Pippa Equine at www.pippaequineco.com.  The suggested retail price for these Monster Mashes range from $7.50 – 8.50 each depending upon flavor.

Personally, I can’t wait for Bruq to try out the other flavors as his taste test for Carrot Calamity was 4-hooves up! 🙂


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