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“She Carries Me Away” – A Poem By Robin Shen

By Robin Shen

She Carries me away

From here to there

From now to then

Hours Darkened by

Hopeless Struggle

A Miserable Daily Existence

Left Heaving in her Wake

Her Victory an Effortless

Toss of Jet Rippling

On a Graceful Arch

Framing a Rising Sun

Swollen Veins

Rise on her Neck

The Tender Smell of Sweat

From Steaming Shoulders

The Scalding Warmth of her Skin

Shrinks from my Touch

Her Body Presses against mine

My Heart Falters

Closing my Eyes

I Seize the Moment

I gasp for air

Stretched nostrils

Steal my breath away

Later in Bed

I fight to stay awake

The memory of

A day with her

far better than any dream

About Robin Shen: Combining knowledge of classical dressage and natural horsemanship, Robin pursues the lightness, connection and harmony that comes from being an “Enlightened Horseman”. You can find out more about Robin and his methods on his Enlightened Horseman Blog.

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