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The Divine Link…Between Horse and Photographer

By Lisa Kemp

As anyone who’s ever taken a horse’s picture knows, there’s a talent and skill to getting a decent snapshot, one that’s in focus, not distorted, and with both ears forward. However, when your quest is for equine images that could be defined as art, there’s often an ethereal bond between subject and photographer that defies logic and explanation, allowing the magic of the moment to shine through.

Equestrian photographer Gabriele Boiselle embodies that approach in her work. While she’s best known for her depictions of spirited equines at liberty in spectacular settings around the world, Gabriele’s images also showcase a wide variety of disciplines and breeds, horses running free as well as in shared moments with riders and handlers.

Watching her during a photo shoot is a study in patience and intuition: She’s never hurried, and adeptly engages the horse in a type of dance, first here, then there. She observes his emotions, always ready to catch a burst of energy or a spectacular rear, forelegs slicing the air. And the horses play with her, often prancing or posing just so for her camera. She creates a setting that allows each horse’s special qualities to come forth.

As a long-time rider and horse owner herself, Gabriele understands the special connections that are possible with horses, and feels privileged to be doing the work she does. “I feel that horses are such special angels for us, and we live in very special times, that those of us who are able to work with horses at this time are very fortunate,” she says. Both horses and humans seem to respond to this belief, drawn to her as if to the warmth of the sun.

While rapport with her subjects could be innate, her technique is grounded in practical expertise honed over decades of capturing the equine form. For each shoot, Gabriele performs a great deal of advance preparation, from organizing the horses and handlers to scoping out the best settings and light. She’ll also set aside time the night before to visualize the ideal images. It’s what she feels is needed in order to capture, via the camera, each horse’s essence and spirit in the moment, telling an entire story in a single frame. However, Gabriele says the aim of her work is more than simply producing pretty pictures.

“I try to demonstrate, through the horses and my photography, the oneness we have with all of nature. My intention and purpose, in life and work, is to help open the awareness and the inner connection that people can have, not only to horses but also to their own soul,” says Gabriele. Viewing a Boiselle image, one can catch a glimpse of the Divine, embodied in the form of a horse and captured through the lens of a camera.

About Edition Boiselle Calendars

For nearly three decades, Gabriele’s been inspiring fans of her work; 2010 is the Jubilee (25th) anniversary of her calendar line through her company, Edition Boiselle. To celebrate, she’s produced 26 different full-color equine photo-art wall calendars and daily planner books. Each is printed on premium glossy stock, in a European format and in multiple languages; wall calendars have a wire spiral binding for easy hanging. With exotic locales, and horse breeds and disciplines from around the globe, there’s something for every horse lover.

For more information on Gabriele Boiselle and her Edition Boiselle collection, please go to editionboiselle.com

The entire 2010 calendar line can be viewed here.

The U.S./DVD website for Edition Boiselle can be found here.

You can win one of these fabulous Edition Boiselle Calendars by entering Tack n’ Talk’s Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt! Send in your best festive moments that correlate with the published 12 Days of Horsey Christmas, and you might be entering 2010 in style with a beautiful Edition Boiselle Calendar!

Check out more here!

About Lisa Kemp: An award-winning writer and marketing consultant, Lisa has devoted her expertise to the equine industry through her company, KempEquine. Her writings have appeared in publications such as The Horse, Equine Chronicle, Equine Journal, Holistic Horse, USHorse.biz, Paint Horse Journal, Massachusetts Horse, Women & Horses, EQUUS, and Blaze magazine. Lisa believes a good day is one spent with horse people, horse pictures, horse information, and yes, actual horses. Lisa lives in Chicago, Illinois.


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