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Jillaroo’s Top 10 Ways to Rock Your Equestrian Style!

Story by John Butler

Jillaroo Australia is the inspiration of mother of three, Tammy. While watching her (then) 13-year old horse-crazy daughter at Horse Training Camp, Tammy realized there wasn’t an edgy fashion label dedicated to young girls and teens with a passion for horses – most girls were wearing surf brands! After the class, Tammy chatted to the horse-loving girls about the idea of a funky fashion label especially for them. Receiving a passionate reaction to the concept, Tammy started researching her idea that afternoon.

The label is designed for young girls 6-11 years and teens 12-18 years. Tammy’s research revealed the teenage market was screaming out for some edgy horsey fashion with young girls wanting everyone to know how much they loved their horses without compromising on up to the minute fashion concepts. Tammy has also found her teenage range was selling to the groovy horsey 25+ age group so she has launched the Jillaroo line to cater for the more mature horse lover, again not compromising on fashion flair.

1.  Always be unique!  There is ONLY one you …stand out!

Want to blend in? DON’T! There is only one you in the world – so why not show yourself off?  Wearing the Jillaroo Tees with catchy phrases and bright colors will show off your fashion sense, along with your passion for horses.  You strive for blue ribbons…have a blue ribbon outfit! Let Jillaroo Australia help! You’ll be the talk of the barn!

2.  Always be proud of your sport!  Make it a part of your style!

“Beware The Mare” hoodie is perfect to wear anywhere.  Be proud of riding and show your non horsey friends that you can be stylish and horsey at the same time!

Beware the Mare hoodie

3.  Always ride like a girl. (Thank you Beagirltoday.com)

Attitude is everything. Always ride with confidence, grace and poise.  Get that attitude with Jillaroo’s Eyelet Jacket which is sassy yet very classy at the same time and definitely shows everyone you see that you mean business and have great flair for fashion.

Eyelet Jacket

Eyelet Jacket

4.  Always ride hard!

Always ride hard…nothing shows this more than our classic “sassy” sayings shirts!  “Just Get Over It”, “I Do My Own Stunts” Tees shows your humorous side but also makes a very bold statement.  Riding is not for the half-hearted….ride hard or go home!

I do my own stunts!

5.  Always be horse crazy.  Horse normal is lame.

The Jillaroo girl is always ready to ride…not afraid to spend time with their horses in the cold and rain!   From Jillaroo’s awesome collection of bridle, helmet and saddle bags to our very popular Bomber jacket…you and your tack will always be prepared for any type of weather conditions that would otherwise leave you in the barn wishing for better weather!

Jillaroo Saddle Bag

6.  Always love your horse…let it show!

Embarrassed about giving your horse that good bye hug – don’t be. Give your horse that extra hug when you leave the stable, wear Jillaroo Australia clothing, and enter TacknTalk Blog’s Literary contest to win Jillaroo merch!

7.  Always look better on the inside than you do on the outside.

It doesn’t hurt to look fabulous, but focus on treating your horse and fellow horse-lovers with respect! Give your horse that extra hug and kiss before you leave, exercise your horse properly, and treat him well.  Smile to your friends at the barn and be sure to include the new girl at your barn on your weekend hacks!

8.  Always keep your eyes up and your heels down.

What better way to rock your equestrian style but through proper position and poise and in the saddle.

9.  Always be cool to your barn mom or barn dad.

Mom and Dad want to be involved too and not just by using their checkbooks (but we are very glad they do!).  Jillaroo Australia has ladies sizes available for Mom.  Remember, Jillaroo is clothing for the young, and young at heart, female horse riders, athletes and proud Moms everywhere!

10.  Always wear Jillaroo and show the world you love your own unique style!  Win Jillaroo Australia clothing by entering TacknTalk’s literary contest!!

Win Jillaroo fashions by entering Tack and Talk’s November Literary Contest “Why Do You Love Your Horse?” Click here for more details and submit your work and wear Jillaroo with pride!


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