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TacknTalk Presents: November Literary Contest! *sponsored by Jillaroo Australia*

November Literary Contest

Proudly sponsored by:


Get your pens ready folks for TacknTalk Blog’s November literary contest!! If you think your horsey haiku has what it takes, send it over, because you might WIN a fabulous prize from our stylish sponsor, Jillaroo Australia!! Poetry not your thing? TacknTalk Blog will also be accepting short stories and essays for three different age groups ~ as long as it is an original work and fits the theme of telling us WHY YOU LOVE YOUR HORSE! 🙂

In addition, there will be a reader’s choice GRAND PRIZE AWARD based on the votes of TacknTalk readers from the published winners of each of the three age categories! This winner will receive an extraordinary prize from Jillaroo Australia!!

Entries will be accepted all of November! Get those creative juices flowing, and email us your work of literature at tackntalk@ymail.com ~ we can’t wait to hear from you! 😀

Contest details below:





Why I love my horse!


Original poetry, short stories, or essays under 3000 words.


Email tackntalk@ymail.com with your original literary work attached (all attachment types accepted.) Please state your name and which category you would like to submit your literature into.


1) 11 years old and under

2) 12-17 years old

3) 18 years old and over


1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in all categories will be published on TacknTalk Blog and Facebook Page! Additionally, 1st place winners in each category (stated above) will receive a fabulous prize from Jillaroo Australia!


Judges for category winners will be Larissa Cox and Libby Keenan of Tackn’Talk Blog as well as a representative from Jillaroo Austrailia and/or Canamera Distributing USA.  Judging will commence December 1st and winners will be announced on TacknTalk Blog and TacknTalk Facebook Page December 10th.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each category (nine works in total) will be published on TacknTalk Blog and TacknTalk Facebook Page.  Readers will vote on their favorite piece out of these nine published works.  The literary work out of the nine published with the most votes will win the GRAND PRIZE.  Votes will be received as comments saying “Vote!” under the story.  Must clearly say “Vote!” to be counted.  Praise or critique of work in comment WILL NOT be counted as a vote.  Winner of reader’s choice grand prize will recieve  fabulous merchandise from Jillaroo Australia!

Have fun!!!

~Larissa and Libby

Email: tackntalk@ymail.com

To find out more about Jillaroo Austrailia, check out their website, or their American distributor, Canamera Distributing USA



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  wesley wrote @

well to start my name is wes and iv’e been ridden all my life and one of my horses named is DUSTY and i run a cattle ranch in bennson AZ but the reasen im writting is that i have reasently frectured my back and have a compresed verdabrey , im used to ridding for atleast 6 or 8 houres a day and know im onley ably to ride 1 too 3 hrs and it suckes big time. if i don’t have horses to work or b around i wouln go bonkers.dusty is 18 & the boss of all ta horses and he knows it lol.

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