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Hello Weekend!

Well, Summer is nearing a close, and things are as busy as ever! Libby is packing for a horse show, and I am packing for a flight across the pond! In these times where stress can easily overshadow the simple pleasures of life, it is important to stand back and enjoy laughter, fun, and excitement of day to day adventure. That is exactly what artist Debbie Flood is doing! On her “Painting a Child a Day” blog, which can be found through her website, www.debfloodart.com – Debbie paints “a child a day” in their play, quiet times, and times of excitement.

I am inspired not only by her commitment to painting a new scene every day, but also by her subject matter: children.  It seems the older we become, the more effort it takes to remember to relax, be free, have fun.  Looking at her watercolors brings a smile to my face, and a bit of fun to my day. 🙂

Enjoy some selected watercolors below:


“Pony Substitute”


“The Traveler”


“Step on It”

To view more “Child a Day” art, check out Debbie Flood’s Blog here.  Also, don’t forget to follow Debbie Flood on Twitter! @debflood

Thanks, Happy Riding All!!



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