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Hello Weekend!

Hi All!
I hope you’ve had a great week! The weather is getting warmer, and the sun is out longer than ever! Hope you all are having a blast! 😀

Libby and I would like to pass along this story of a remarkable rescue case:
rescue horse 2

“A friend of mine was on Craigslist last night and she saw this horse for FREE…. when they got there the woman who owned her wouldn’t even meet them… the place was horrible and when they saw the mare they called me immediately because I have rescued many horses….  They came and borrowed my trailer and brought her to me.  I cried!!!  This is one of the worst I’ve ever taken in…. this morning she had laid down and when she tried to get up she stumbled barely able to get up on her feet, she’s so weak….   Her breathing was heavy so I gave her a shot of banamine….  it took some of the stress off her and now she’s eating grass and drinking water….

The girls at my Cheers Horse Summer Camp named her “Hope” and gave her a bath and loved on her all day…. she loved it!

Pray for her…. she’s very poor… but she’s where she needs to be now…..  we will take great care of her as I have the others…..

Thank you so much and God Bless YOU!!
~Debbie Manser
rescue collage
Both Libby and I were deeply touched by this story, and saddened by the photos of this emaciated, under cared for horse.  We hope that this horse turns into a success story of the wonders of what love and care can do for animals.
Libby has created a fund to help this cause at her stable called the “HOPE CHEST”.
If you would also like to contribute to this fund, please mail:

Debbie Manser
Cheers Horse Ranch
96841 Blackrock Rd.
Yulee, FL  32097
(904) 277-7047

Thank you, and happy riding this week!
   Update:  Sadly , not long ago Debbie Manser let it be known that Hope had passed away. She did not have the strength to get up and eat one morning. At least she was somewhere with love and care at the end. If only Cheers Ranch had found her sooner. Debbie was so inspired by the support from friends on twitter she has decided to take on more rescue cases and funds raised for that purpose will used to help other horses in Hope’s memory. The Hope foundation carries on in honor of it’s namesake.Libby Keenan

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