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Hello Weekend

Well, another week is winding up.This one I found myself looking for the positive in people , events and my surroundings. There is a lot going on the world right now and trying times for many. I decided to focus on vibrant , happy, wonderful things going on and though they don’t get the same press, there is a mountain of good news to be found.:)

   In particular my spirits were lifted by the cheery and whimsical works of Maggie Wheakley,  Pet Portrait Artist from Ocala , Florida.

  A quick trip to her website http://www.maggiesangels.com and I read of her very uplifting philosophy of pets and pet art.I enjoyed a delightful sampling of her works.

  On her site Maggie writes she began “maggiesangels” to showcase the animated , colorful, expressive and fun nature of animals. She feels animals are God’s gifts to us and I could not agree more.

  Within a few moments  of visitng the site I began to feel my childlike nature with all it’s hope and optimism returning. Thankyou Maggie Weakley for brightening our world:)Maggies_Angels_Collage

    Another great soul inspiring story comes from @seabiscuit7  aka Horse Belle in California. While we have been sharing tweets about horsey things for awhile it became apparent she is also very involved in Wildlife Rehab.

  Running a horse farm this subject is dear to me because every Spring I am called upon to rescue babies of all sorts from trees and field and rafters here. Her insights and knowledge have made that job much easier and I’ve learne d a great deal from her.Many of you may benefit from what she shared with me:)

Wildlife rehabilitation Centers appreciate the volunteers who are so needed to care for these orphan babies. Many of the animals came in due to being shot by BB cuns for sport , some never to fly or be released again. most volunteers caring for these at home need to be licensed.

 Thereare some wildlife babies brought in unnecessarily, mainly baby birds and bunnies. Wildlife centers tell anyone finding a healthy baby bird that the mom pushes them out of the nest 2/3 days before they can fly (News to Me!).

  These fledglings need time on the ground to develop their muscles and wings for flight. sadly , this makes them vulnerable to cats etc. but more often to well meaning children thinking they are saving an orphan. In up to 90% of these cases Mom is up in the trees and won’t come back until the humans are completely out of sight.Birds have no sense of smell and so will not reject young if they have been touched so if they seem healthy , leave them be.

 Rabbits and baby deer ( fawns ) are left all day by moms. Only if they seem sick or injured should they be brought to a wildlife rehabber, Vet or call Animal Control to have them picked up.

  At the Wildlife center you will see volunteers feeding baby birds every 30 minutes. It is hard work to be their temporary moms. Baby rabbits , if healthy , are fed formula twice a day.

 Other mammals like squirells need to be fed every few hours at first. Rabbits do not and overfeeding is the biggest problem.

   Baby birds are often the fastest and easiest to rehab…to get them up and out. It is not a glamorous job but a tough one. The volunteers doing this love animals and want to save a life…as each is precious . Looking eye to eye with a majestic Golden Eagle makes you wonder at creation. further reading /widlife sites http://www.tc.umn.edu/-devo0028/guideto.htm and http://www.rabbit.org (front page wild bunnies.

  As you can see everywhere we choose to seek out hope and inspiration it is there for the finding 🙂 Have a great weekend.  Cheers.Libby


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