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Hello Weekend!

Well, another week full of adventures has past! Cold wet winter seems finally past us, and the summer sun seems close at hand. Hopefully everyone reading has had an enjoyable past few days.  Now, time to welcome the weekend!  Libby and I would like to share with you new discoveries, interesting or innovative products or training approaches we have found, or anything we hold as inspirational or meaningful that we have found in the past week. Enjoy! 😀

Libby found herself in awe of the art of Julie Bender this week. An artist from Atlanta, GA, Julie Bender uses “pyrography”, literally drawing with fire to create beautiful and inspiring horse portraits.

You can read more about Julie here and here.

Larissa has installed a “Stable Mirror” in her horse Phantom‘s stall.

stable mirror

Stable mirrors have been shown to reduce or even eliminate stable vices such as weaving, crib biting, or box walking.  The horse takes comfort in seeing another horse in the reflection of the mirror and does not seem to become as stressed while in the stall, which can manifest itself in the vices listed above.  Larissa will see how this does for Phantom, who often weaves in his stall.

You can read more about stable mirrors here.

Thanks for stopping by Tack n’ Talk blog – Libby and I certainly appreciate your support! 😀

Happy Riding!

Larissa Cox and Libby Keenan



  CowgirlPride wrote @

Hello Larissa! How are you? I use to read Tack N Talk all the time. But I kinda got away from Twitter when I didn’t have a decent Mobil fone. I have a better device now–Thanks to God. But I need your help. I know I had read an article in your Tack N Talk about horse hair and horse tail grooming. I’m really needing that article now. My horses tail is looking bad. Its looking like somebody cut the top of her horse tail with some scissors and spiked it up. I think she is rubbing it while she’s in her stall. Then my other horses face has got some hair that is coming out. I’ve never had grooming problems before, but now, its starting to look horrible. Maybe if you could tell me how to get access to that article on the horse tail or horse hair/coat grooming.
And I really missed your Tack N Talk Blog !!!!

  tackandtalk wrote @

Hi Wanda,

I just posted an article by Ruthann Smith of Lucky Braids on tail rubbing. Hope it helps you. I use her products all the time, and I must say that the shampoo is the best I have used.

Great to hear from you!

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